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specialized vechiles

Manage Transit Corp

has a fleet of specialized vehicles which are equipped with both a driver and escort.

They are professionally trained to ensure the highest level of safety and quality control for our special needs students. When working with clients who are disabled; We are there every step of the way. Our drivers bring the students to the vehicle and wheels them onto a hydraulic lift and it is then raised to the interior floor of the bus. The escort will wheel them to position and strap them to their seats. If they are ambulatory passengers, the escort will get off the bus at each and every stop and promptly wait for them curbside.

This ensures that they enter the bus safely and they are also responsible for securing the student’s seat belt. Our escorts primary purpose is to monitor the passengers’ safety and well being during their route. Our managed transportation services are closely monitored to ensure that vital operational performances are exceeded with every ride. Our experience and knowledge of this niche field has helped us become the leaders in the special needs transportation for the local NYC Metro area.

Manage Transit Corp is able to quickly scale up and CUSTOMIZE our fleet of specialized vehicles for any unexpected change in schedule or itinerary.

passenger vehicles

passenger vehicles

passenger vehicles


accommodations for our
ambulatory passengers

We provide

managed transportation services throughout

NYC, Brooklyn, Queens,

the Bronx

& Staten Island.

Our drivers and staff are highly trained in providing the absolute best riding experience for our valued clients.