commitment to



We understand how

critical it is to adhere to proper safety guidelines and procedures.


our number one priority.

  • All of our drivers are fully trained in accordance with DOT guidelines. Every driver is thoroughly screened must adhere to all DOT guidelines.
  • Management has over 30 years of experience integrating comprehensive safety practices to ensure all passengers are safely transported to their locations.
  • Management is fully certified for all required NY State transportation regulations.
  • All vehicles have specially adapted GPS systems for optimal efficiency and safety standards. All GPS system monitor daily attendance for our students.
  • All bus personal including monitors are trained on all operations and procedures including (1) Loading/unloading (2) Pick-up/drop-off (curb to curb) (3) Evacuation procedures (4) Lifting procedures (5)Passenger accountability and observation, including evidence of neglect or abuse. (6) Post-trip vehicle interior inspections for student’s medicine and other articles left prior to parking vehicle. (7) Reporting procedures & maintaining detailed records.
  • Our Vehicles have the latest safety equipment including specialized seating straps and seat belts.
  • Continuing education to ensure that our staff serve our passengers at the highest standards set forward by the DOT
  • Follow specific guidelines for DMV-
  • Follow standards set by the OPWDD
  • Customized TV’S and DVD to keep passengers occupied and engaged.
  • Yellow LED lights on top of vans ensuring full visibility on the roads
  • Fully compliant with the ADA regulations.

We are also able

to monitor the

vehicles &


by specially adapted GPS and video if requested and abided by certain HIPPA rules.